Locked down but not held back

Like so many others in the world right now, our live activities are on hold because of lockdown restrictions. We clearly have no idea when this situation is likely to change. However, we have not been idle in this time.

telling a fisherman’s tale

Just before we knew that lockdown was imminent, we took part in a joyful event organised by Extinction Rebellion in Oswestry.  With an inspiring display of the group’s recent activities, lots of things for kids to do and a hall buzzing with repair of tools and equipment, the day was a great reminder of how looking after our planet can bring people together to have a good time too.  We told two stories about how people are bound into their local environment, and how if we look after the natural world we reap the benefits in unexpected ways.



When we realised that the summer’s live performances could not go ahead we took our first steps into online broadcasts. On May 12th both Helen and Rick were interviewed via Amy Douglas’ webinar hook-up as part of ‘Taking the tradition on’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VupjQStU4mw

Two days later we went live in ‘performance’ as part of Amy’s monthly ‘Get a Word in Edgeways ‘ webinar.

Helen has also done a podcast interview: http://traffic.libsyn.com/takingthet…/Helen_East_Podcast.mp3.

               At home in Llansilin we are appreciating the loveliness of the early summer. Helen continues to write and Rick continues to compose and record, awaiting the green light to be able to put the finishing touches to his forthcoming album ‘Voices From Off Centre’.