Rick also shares a new website featuring his musical collaborations with Jo Jukes

Helen East works with STORY
Written, spoken and sung
Traditional and ancient legend to urban myth

“One of the finest storytellers in the UK”
(Duncan Williamson)

Rick Wilson works with SOUND
Rhythmic and melodic
Composed and improvised
Contemporary and traditional

“Rick’s sessions always delight and inspire. He is a committed expert”
(Learning Network Liverpool)

Working together
we bring rhythm into speech, music into story,
meaning into entertainment, joy into education

“Spellbinding, stimulating, an inspiration to us all.”
(Primary and secondary teachers, Croydon)

“I like the stories. I like dancing and singing. I don’t want you to stop. “
(Child, Horniman Museum)

“You made me cry…and remember…and smile too
I hope I get a chance to hear you again “
(OAP Sidmouth festival)