Joint publications & recordings

‘Border Talk’ CD/ ‘ After Offa: Living Life Along the Border’ book and map (Bronygarth Social Committee , 2012)
‘Spin’ CD (Apples and Snakes) 2011 (contributors)
‘Whizz’ with Trefonen school 2010
‘Unbridled’ with  Shonaleigh Cumbers, Hassan Erraji 2008
‘The Singing Storycloth’ (Book/ CD pack) songs & stories with activities for music and puppetry (2006 A & C Black)

‘Three Sides of the Tongue’ CD 2002
‘Two Tongue Tales’ cassette and book resource pack ( 1990 National Folktale Centre)
‘Look Lively, Rest Easy’ (songs, stories, tricks and games) (1990 A+C Black)
‘The Singing Sack (28 song-stories) (1989 A+C Black) +CD.(5th reprint 2000)
The Common Lore Resource Project 1988 (contributors)

Rick Wilson


‘The Ancestor in Me’ – collaboration with Jo Jukes  (Third Force Records)’ 2024 -released 20/3/24

‘Observer – Participant’   (Third Force Records) 2023 Click here for link to the album

‘Weaving the World’ 2023 collaboration with Jo Jukes. Click here for link to the album.

‘As I Live and Breathe’ 2022. Click here for link to the album.

‘Voices from Off-Centre (Third Force Records) 2020. Click here for link to the album

‘Metabolations’ (Third Force Records) 2019 with Neil McKeown. Click here for link to the album

‘Listening for the Place’ (Third Force Records) 2018 – with Neil McKeown. Click here for the video for ‘Welsh Roofer’ and here for the one for ‘The Sixties’

‘Glimpses of Recognition’ (Third Force Records) 2002- with Viv Corringham

‘Suitable Language’ (Third Force Records) 1997 – solo album

featured on

Rick’s piece ‘Into Dark’ on his last album ‘Voices from Off Centre’ has been included on a compilation album  ‘Unknown Resonators’, put together by independent label Aldora Records Britain. This can be accessed through

‘Footfalls 3 – Shadow Walks’ (Flaming Pines) by Viv Corringham 2021

‘East Westercisms Volume 3’ (Law & Auder) 2001
‘More East Westercisms’ (Law & Auder) 1998
‘East Westercisms’ (Law & Auder) 1997

‘Avantgardisms 3’ (Law & Auder) 2002

‘Bad Alchemy’ XV1 1990

The Work albums

‘The Worst of Everywhere’ (Ultra Gash) (2022)

The Work Compilation (Jelodanti) 2019

‘4th World’ (AdHoc/Woof) 2010

‘See’ (Woof) 1993

‘Rubber Cage’ (Woof) 1990
‘Slow Crimes’ (Woof) 1982

The Work single

‘I Hate America’ (Woof) 1981

The Work is also featured on

‘With love from Jelodanti’ (Jelodanti) 2020

‘Further Perspectives and Distortion’ 1976-84 (Cherry Red Records) 2019

‘Hardis Bruts’ 1992

‘Maas Mensch’ 1982
Miniatures’ (Pipe) 1980,2008

Family Fodder album

‘Monkey Banana Kitchen’ (Fresh) 1980

Family Fodder single

‘Playing Golf With My Flesh Crawling’ (Fresh) 1979

Family Fodder is also featured on

‘Optimism Reject’ 1977-81 (Cherry Red Records) 2019

The People in Control single

‘When Its War’ (Crammed) 1981

Storytelling Book / Tape / CDs

‘Beating Time Making Rhythm’ 1994 ( originator)

‘Beowulf’ with Hugh Lupton 2005

‘Five Little Owls’ (Playsongs) 2000
‘Five Little Frogs’ (playsongs) 2000

Written word articles

‘Global Ear’ – Thayambaka : The Pulse of Kerala (The Wire) June 1995
‘Eastern Beat’ (Rhythm Magazine) August 1995; reprinted (The Technique Series -Rhythm & Percussion) 1996

Helen East

Novel for adults

‘The Place of the Sacred Snake’ (2021 Independent Publishing Network)  Available for download as ebook here

Picture books

‘The Tale of the Tooth Fairy’ (1989 Macdonald Children’s Books)

‘First Starters’ series x 5 (1981 Macdonald Educational)
‘The Everlasting Christmas Tree’ (1987 Macdonald Children’s Books)
‘Dora the Storer ‘(1987 Macdonald Children’s Books)
‘Down in the Dark’ (1987 Macdonald Children’s Books) Concertina Board Books x2 (1985 Marks and Spencer)

The ‘Arthur’s Aunt’ series x 4 (1984 Macdonald 345)
Word Book; Counting Book; Colour Book (all 1983 Macdonald 345)

Individual folktales retold:

‘The Lucky Pearl’ (1988 Macdonald)

‘The Little Girl and the Crocodile ‘(1987 Macdonald)
‘Taro and his Grandmother’;‘ The White Elephant’; ‘The Emperor and the Nightingale’;‘The Talking Parrot ‘ (all 1986 Macdonald + Co )
‘Pippa and the Oranges’ (1986 Macdonald)
‘Attu and the Snow Giant’ (1985 Macdonald)

Other books

‘How the Olympics came to be’ (2011 British Museum)

‘Spirit of the Forest’  stories about trees; with Eric Maddern / Alan Marks (2002 Frances Lincoln)

‘Frances Fisher RIP’ (Wear Books 1993)  Click here for details

Contributions to various anthologies and resource packs include

‘Landing Stages’ 2015 (Environment & Performance) Crinkle Crankle Press.

‘Storytelling for a Greener World’ 2014 Hawthorn Press.
‘Velocity’ (The Best of Apples and Snakes) 2003 Black Spring Press.
‘Inside Out’ 2001/2 Heinneman (English Language Teaching:Focus on Storytelling)
– featured storyteller on Inside Out video.
‘Tales Myths and Legends’ 1993 Scholastic
‘The Green Umbrella’ 1991 A+C Black and WWF
‘Hi Lo Dolly Pepper’ 1991 A+C Black
‘Time for Telling’ 1991 Kingfisher
‘Common Bonds’ 1991 N.C.C./National Oracy Project.
The Oxford Christmas Storybook’ 1990 OUP

Publications in conjunction with various community groups

‘If Stones could Speak’ 2001 (Sheppey Intergenerational Picture Book)
‘Southwark StorySwap’ 1999 (cassette and booklet)
‘The Illustrated Story Maps’ 1997 (Rochester Council)
‘‘Stories of Change’ 1996 (Charting the Changes Extracts, Kent)
‘Boiling the Pot  – Shropshire stories’ 1994 (cassette)
Memories of Mare St’ 1985 (tape slide compilation)


Script for ‘Take 2’; children’s film. 1995 LAB prod.


17 Stories for Everyday Science’ 1997 BBC World Service. (The Learning Zone, 17 programmess and accompanying book’. 1st broadcast 1996 – ‘7)

Articles etc:

‘Expanding the Frame’ – video with accompanying booklet (oracy within the National Literacy Framework)

‘Tagging the Tale’ 1999- Morals and Stories; British Council Indonesia 50th Celebs. Sprakundervisning; ESL through stories;
BBC Education Factsheet. ‘New Lamps for Old’
N. Tyneside Oracy Project. Storytelling in the Primary School
1989 and 1990 National Storytellers Directories

‘Hidden Tales – the real people of the otherworld’: little known huldu /elf /fairy stories from Ireland to Iceland (contributors include Duncan Williamson,(Scotland) George Peterson (Shetland) Eddie Lenihan (Ireland) Erla Stefansdottir (Iceland)- contact Helen if you are interested in contributing.)